Speedwell Class Page

Welcome to the Speedwell Class page 

Speedwell is a Year 4/5 mixed class taught by Mr Ford who is supported by Mrs Davies and Mrs Hill.  

On behalf of everyone in Speedwell, welcome to our class page! 

I'm really looking forward to this new year and the journey ahead of us.  

This section of our website will be used to provide a summary of Speedwell's learning journey. It will also be used to share information and post regular updates. Please scroll down for more information. Homework links are attached at the bottom of the page. 

As always, please do ask or speak to me if you are unsure or want to ask any questions. 

Home Learning 

Should your child need to access home learning then Speedwell makes use of SeeSaw to deliver this. This can be found at the following link https://web.seesaw.me/. It can also be downloaded as an app through the app store.  

Please make sure to inform the office if you need to make use of this and you will be provided with the log in details to access your individual child's learning. Physical learning packs are available from the office upon request. 


In Speedwell class children are expected to do 15 mins of homework daily (if possible)
This is split into 3 separate parts each taking up 5 minutes each. 

The first is Times Table Rockstars practice. This can be located at https://ttrockstars.com/ . Pupils know their individual log ins (although they can be made available on request), and the site can also be downloaded as an app from the app store and used with mobile or tablet devices.  

The second is 5 minutes of reading daily. This can be done using a book the child is reading at home or through a book sent home by the school (These will be sent home prior to the Christmas break). Speedwell have also started using Reading records and if you could record when you read with pupils that would be greatly appreciated.  

The final task is spelling. Each child has their own list that they are working on. These have been sent home with children but are attached at the bottom of this page if you need them. Pupils will know which list they have to practice. 

Many thanks, 

Mr Ford 

March 2022

Welcome back from half-term. 

Speedwell has been taking part in a well being week and have been thinking up ideas and strategies to maintain their mental health. Moving forwards we will be looking at a new class book, The Explorer by Katherine Rundell and taking part in Science week.

Unfortunately, our class treat was waylaid by a storm however we managed to fit it in on Friday. They enjoyed their pajama day and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the afternoon with some hot chocolate to round it off. 

I've attached a couple of pictures below. They certainly seem relaxed!

World Book Day!

Speedwell loves reading and this week we celebrated World Book Day! I want to thank all parents and carers who helped with the children's dressing up. There were some amazing costumes and the children loved seeing so many diverse characters. 

Reading is such an important life skill and I was so impressed with how well pupils engaged with their sponsored read. You could have heard a pin drop for an entire hour! I thought it would be great to share both some pictures of their costumes and from the day itself.

December 2021

Speedwell is having a great term so far and we've still got over a week left! This term we've looked heavily at writing quest stories and building up our characters and settings. We finally got the chance to write our own this week and they've been producing some amazing stories. 

 As part of D&T we've been looking at Cam mechanisms and we started to create our toys that use them after planning them all out last week. I've attached some pictures of them in their beginning stages. 



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