Forest School

Our fun filled Forest School Education sessions currently run for children aged between 2 to 7 years old on a weekly basis. This take place throughout the year come rain, snow or shine.

Leaders promote, motivate and encourage a holistic approach to child development, which focuses on the child being at the centre of its own learning. It enables every individual the opportunity to open and explore new experiences and expectations to risk and challenge. Leaders inspire to support a positive growth mind-set and a you can do it attitude.

Our outdoor woodland classroom creates its own magical learning environment by promoting positive outcomes in education through building confidence and independence. Forest School increases benefits for children in developing vital personal, social and emotional skills, which can further support them with their journey through school and is framed by its safety routines and established boundaries of trust.
Three diverse woodland sites are used which have a range of assorted challenges. All are within walking distance of the school and two accessed by the local community. Children  active and creative learning in a less structured manner, which suits the individual learning styles of many children.
Children experience managed risk, making their own decisions which promotes confidence and resilience.

Opportunities and activities are available to 'scaffold' a child's learning, which is encouraged to be self-initiated and explored
Finally, the philosophy of Forest School is to inspire children to be positive outdoor learners, by drawing on positive and negative experiences, which provide many opportunities to appreciate the wider, natural world and encourage a responsibility for nature conservation in later life.