School Performance Data

School Performance Data
Redbrook Primary School uses a range of tools and the knowledge and experience of our teachers to determine the progress of pupils throughout the year.

At the end of the academic year, we are required to publish information on the data for pupils sitting the KS2 Sats at the end of Year 6, the KS1 teacher assessment data at the end of Year 2, phonics testing results at the end of Year 1 and the Early Years Foundation Stage results. Our school however, is very small and as such publishing these result may identify one or more of the pupils individually. Should you wish to discuss our school end of year outcomes with us, please contact the school for an appointment.

We are also required to report on the progress of children for whom the school receives additional funding - pupil premium funding and pupil premium plus funding for children in care. We also receive additional funding for physical education and the report below shows how this has been spent and its impact.
Due to COVID and the government cancelling all end of keystage tests, 2019 is the last official data we have. 
KS2 Results 2019

DfE Performance Tables - Redbrook C of E