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Robin Class Page

Welcome to the Robin Class page.  We are a small class of EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2  children who love learning together. Our teacher is Mrs Frey and our teaching assistant is Miss Taylor.  We have wonderful indoor and outdoor learning areas in our small school. Watch out for updates on this page of some of our learning opportunities.
How Far Can We Travel? 
Our new enquiry for the rest of the term is all about travel. We started by mind mapping all the different ways we can travel and we had lots of ideas including using a car, motorbike, skateboard,  helicopter and even a hot air balloon. 
We have been looking at different ways to travel and have enjoyed making our own cars from lolly sticks and k-nex. 
In order to build our own cars later this term, we have found out about the importance of an axle and how they support the wheels to work in pairs. We want to make our cars as fast as possible so we have also experimented with different materials. By trying out different materials, we were able to see which material would work best. 
December Update
We have now come to the end of our enquiry. We have really enjoyed finding out about the different ways we can travel both in the past and in the present. Our cars were made from plastic boxes and we used our DT skills of drilling and sawing to make the holes and the correct axel length.
Our final challenge was to build a car using one of the ways we had already tried which we felt had worked the best. Some of us thought the boxes worked the best and some of thought that the knex were the best. 
A great term of learning!
For the next 10 weeks are are very excited to be learning the violin with Gloucestershire music. So far we have learnt how to hold the violin and pluck some simple tunes. We enjoy singing and playing the 'pirate song' and can't wait to learn even more. It is quite tricky but we are persevering and not giving up. 
November Update
We are still really enjoying our violin lessons. We have learnt a collection of songs and have even started playing the violin with a bow. Some of us have been very courageous and played in front of the rest of the class. We are using every bit of Superworm perseverance we have to keep getting better. 
December Update
Our time learning the violin has unfortunately come to an end. Our skills of plucking the strings, using the bow and our timing have improved immensely. We have put together a small violin concert for all the songs we have learnt for you all to enjoy. A big thank you to Gloucestershire Music for coming into teach us. 
Children In Need
Thank you to everyone who participated and donated. Together we were able to raise an amazing £45!!
While we were able to stay warm and cosy dressed in pyjamas we had a great day, starting with Joe Wicks and his 24hour challenge. We managed about 4 minutes- pyjamas are not good for exercising in! Also with some help from augmented reality, we were all able to get our pictures taken with Pudsey Bear. 
Autumn Fun!!
On some days we might be small in numbers but we still have lots of fun. With the current Autumn weather we have an outdoor area full of leaves so it was inevitable that we wanted to play in them and throw them around. We then used them to make leaf wreaths in the classroom when our hands got too cold. 
We have also enjoyed making a reading/playing den. Using an old sheet we were able to cover the table and have a small den where we could play and read some books. We created signs and posters so everyone knew where to enter and what the password was. To finish we had an end of day book read to us inside the den. 
In our writing we have started to look at a book called 'Wild' by Emily Hughes.  It was very exciting because we noticed the girl on the front had leaves and flowers in her hair and we began to wonder what she might get up to throughout the story. 
Using the front cover of the book we observed what we could see and recreated it ourselves. It was quite tricky at times but we persevered (like Superworm) and had some great pieces of art by the end. 
Wolves are Back!
We had a very exciting Friday when we had chance to spot some wolves. As part of the Wye Valley River Festival we had a visit from Ruth who told us about wolves coming back to the UK. During the visit we howled like a wolf to see if we could get their attention. We learnt that they can hear us from up to 6miles away! 
After some waiting were spotted some wolves in the woods behind the school. We saw them then run down the hill and across to the river. It was very exciting but we were also a little worried. 
After our visit we were able to track the wolves online. We could see that they went across the iron bridge and towards Pentwyn and then to Monmouth! 
What is Learning? 
For the first 3 weeks of the new school year we were looking at the book 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers. We thought about what we liked about being back at school; drew around one of us and labelled the human body; measured our heights and decided who was the tallest in our class; and wrote postcards about places people should visit.
During these activities we were collaborating and beginning to understand what it means to work as Team Robins. We have helped each other to learn, build, ask and answer questions. A great start to the new year. 
Our Learning
In all of our learning we try to use our learning powers to help us. These powers help us to be even better andare all linked to different characters to help us remember them:
When things are tricky we try to persevere like Superworm
We are always noticing everything like the Ladybird. 
In our play we are imagining like Tiddler.
We enjoy wondering like the Rhyming Rabbit.
We collaborate like all of the Julia Donaldson character and work together to make Team Robins. 
Safer Internet Day
This year the focus for safer internet day was #freetobeme. This means we all need to learn how to be ourselves online but in a safe way. One way of doing this is my creating an avatar. With an avatar we are able to create ourselves and include all the things we enjoy meaning we do not need to post actual pictures.
In Robins we read about Smartie the Penguin who had to make lots of choices when he got a new tablet for his birthday.  Sometimes things pop up onto our screen, sometimes we get asked to add friends and sometimes things we read online are not true so we discussed always asking an adult for help. 
Can you guess who is who in our class avatar picture? 
In RE this term we have been thinking about the Islamic faith and how Muslims live today.  In preparation for our Mosque trip at the end of term we looked at some of the key things that Muslims use to pray. We all took our shoes off, washed our hands and found the direction to Mecca. In small groups we looked at the Qu’arn and we all experienced praying on a prayer mat. 
Christmas Fun!
It was the turn of Robin class to perform the Christmas nativity this year. Using the Christmas Postman as our inspiration all of the children wrote letters to different characters in the Nativity.  They then read their letters as part of the performance. 
The Ugly Duckling
Robin Class travelled to Chepstow Drill Hall to see a performance of the Ugly Duckling. Having read the story in school we had a great time seeing the story come to life in front of us. 
Christmas Dinner
Many Thanks to The Bell who cooked us all an amazing Christmas Dinner at the end of term. We even had a special guest visitor. 
Forest School
During the first term we went to Forest School. We were able to play in the stream, build dens and make food for the wildlife. 
We have been having great fun making harvest garlands to hang in the trees for the local wildlife. 
This week we had lovely weather - sun! - and learnt how to tie knots. We then used them to improve the sturdiness of our shelters, we are hoping next week they will all still be standing!
The Malvern Show
Falcon class had a wonderful time at The Malvern Show on Thursday. We loved seeing our bug hotel in the Wye Forest Federation Garden and were proud to hear that our garden received a highly commended award (some photos of our garden will follow as Mrs Frey was so excited she forgot to take any of it!) 
The class had a wonderful time exploring many of the other gardens at the show and they were a credit to Redbrook as they behaved and listened beautifully all day. Mrs Frey was even interviewed for Hereford and Worcester Radio! At the end of our busy trip, we enjoyed dancing to a rock choir who were performing for the crowds. 
We Are Cricketers.
On Friday morning we had a visit from an All Stars cricket ambassador. He took the school for an introduction to cricket and then we had a very active session learning basic cricket skills and playing simple games. Lots of us loved it!
We Are Entomologists.
A new term heralds a new learning enquiry for Falcon Class and what better way to launch our new learning than with a visit from some not so mini-beasts. This term we will be finding out 'What Lives In My Garden?' but these creatures definitely won't be found roaming free. We met stick insects, millipedes, cockroaches, a praying mantis, a tarantula, some kissing bugs, bed bugs and scorpions. Everyone was super brave and we learnt so much. A big thank you to our governor Lex Naylor for bring them all in. 
Super Swimmers
Last term we went swimming every Tuesday. As the weeks went on, we became more confident in the water and some of us even started to swim unaided. We're already looking forwards to going again next year!
A Marvellous Morning of Percussion
We were very lucky to spend a morning with Mr Helm learning to play percussion instruments. Take a look at our pictures to see our learning in action.
We Are Composers
This week we have started to compose our own music. We have learnt about the names of musical notes, played them on our iPad glockenspiels and used them to write our own music. We worked out how we wanted our music to sound by testing it out and playing it, then we put our pieces into the computer and could hear them being played backed by our In The Groove soundtrack. Finally we saved all of our compositions so that we can hear them again and share them with our families. 
In The Groove
We have been learning about music using a new scheme called Charanga. It is brilliant! In each lesson, the children get active, moving to the pulse of the music and copying rhythms. We have listened to different styles of music including Blues, Latin, Baroque and Bhangra and the children have talked about the instruments they can hear and their preferences.  We have learnt a simple song called In The Groove which all the children sing together - each week the backing track to it changes to reflect the style of music we have listened to. Despite not having lots of tuned instruments, we have used the iPads to play glockenspiels and accompany our song and next we’re going to learn to improvise. 

World Book Day


To celebrate World Book Day Falcon Class heard the story Giraffes Can’t Dance. We enjoyed taking part in a jungle dance, making our own giraffe snacks and writing invitations to a dance. The EYFS children were set a challenge to make Lego animals based on those in the story. 

Everyone looked super in their costumes including Mrs Frey who was a very Bad Tempered Ladybird!!!

Soft Play Gets Educational


Each week we love going to soft play. We love to climb, slide, role and encourage each other to take on the challenges that it brings. We are also super polite and play well with the other children who are there. 

To add some challenge to our soft play, Mrs Frey and our team of adults hide numbers in the play space. We have to find a number and take it back to the adults at the bottom where we are challenged to solve a number problem using it. So far, we have found 1 more and 1 less, read bigger numbers and recalled number bonds.

A Visiting Sheep!


As part of The Good Shepherd project organised by the Diocese of Gloucester, we had ‘Dennis’ the sheep in school with us. We added our school logo to him and learnt to sing a new worship song: The Lord Is My Shepherd.

Flying Rockets


We were challenged to make a rocket that flies during our enquiry Is Anybody Out There? We investigated different ways to make rockets using different making skills including cutting, shaping, fixing and decorating. Our favourite part of each rocket we made was testing them to see if they would fly.