Robins Class Page

Welcome to Robin Class!
Your teacher is Miss Marfell. 
In English, year one have been looking at Little Red Reading Hood and the core texts from People Who Help Us. We have done lots of writing around this, focusing on adjectives, conjunctions and making sure we are using our capital letters and full stops consistently. Year 2 have been learning about the story Milo and have been letter writing, using commas in a list and using expanded noun phrases.
In Science we have been exploring the question: What materials can we use to make a mini-beast hotel? We explored a variety of materials and looked at if they were waterproof or not and if they would be strong enough to stand the weather of the outside area! The children had lots of fun designing and making their bug hotels outside. We then evaluated them and discussed what we thought went well and what we would change if we were to make them again.
In Geography, we have been looking at which countries make up the United Kingdom. We have used Google Maps to find landmarks in the capital cities and have discovered what the flags look like. We worked together to create a class working wall!
Reception have had lots of fun exploring the big questions: People who help us and all about me. We have found out what vets, police and firefighters do and how we can call 999 if there was an emergency. We have talked about what we might like to be when we are older. In Maths, we have explored numbers up to 5, shape and time. We have had lots of fun in our PE lessons, focusing on fundamental movement skills. In RE are focusing on the question  Why is Christmas special to Christians? We have looked at the Christmas story in different gospels and how we are thankful at Christmas. We have enjoyed exploring our continuous provision activities and playing and sharing together.
In D&T we have been designing and making our own toy car. We have used hand drills to make holes in the wheels to fit on the axles and have used hand saws to cut the dowling ready to put into our cardboard boxes which is the 'chassis'. We are looking forward to decorating and evaluating them next week! More photos to follow!
Here are a small selection of photos of some of the fun things we do in Robin Class!