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Kingfisher Class Page

Welcome to Kingfisher Class' page! 
Here, we'll keep you updated on what we're up to. Please stop by to see what we're learning about. We'd love to share some pictures and work with you! 
Miss Collins


Term 3 Enquiry: What did the Victorians do for us? 

Kingfisher Class have started their new enquiry by stepping back in time to the Victorian Era! After discovering what life was life in Victorian London, children were presented with a picture of modern-day London, children arranged the room to bring that scene to life. After some drama-related activities, the ‘Kingfisher time machine’ sent us back to 1869 on the same London street. The children were glorious at changing roles and activities to suit the time period – we had fine ladies swarming about in the finery, horses and carriages, chimney sweepers and men smoking cigars as they walked down the street – dodging the horse, dog and rat faeces of course!

Using the modern-day picture, the children drew some brilliant sketches of that street, set in Victorian London. We look forward to more exploration of out Victorian adventure…


What's Beneath our Feet? 

To introduce our new enquiry ‘What’s Underneath our Feet?’, we read ‘Pebble in my Pocket’ and explored the ground behind our school which sparked rich discussion about what comes from where, and how. We bought some small samples (that we are going to return) back to the classroom and used our enquiry skills to consider its journey to the surface of the earth in Redbrook!

On return to school, we saw and felt a range of real fossils, speculating where it came from. This prompted insightful talk about how fossils are formed. Over the coming weeks, we will discover more about our earth, rocks, fossils, mountains and volcanoes to name a few...

Kingfishers Remeber 
Kingfisher Class have been reflecting on those who have fought for our freedom. We explored the importance and symbolism of the poppy and learned all about what it was like on the streets of Britain on Armistice Day 1918. 
The children have used a variety of art resources to creates some powerful poppy art and have written in role as if they were in central London on Armistice Day 1918. 
Poetry Exists to be Heard! 
Kingfisher Class have been refining their performance poetry skills with the poem 'Fall' by Brian Bilston. We looked at reading with intonation, expression, volume, clarity, confidence and using expressive body language. 
The performances were all brilliantly creative and varied. Great job, Kingfishers! 
Forest Schools
We had a great time despite the weather finally getting us very wet! We divided into two teams, each team had to make a football pitch out of whatever they could find. Each team also nominated three 'scavengers' who could steal one thing at a time from the other team. It got very competitive!  We were working on developing our team skills and listening skills so we could work together! We will be trying it again to see if we can improve on our achievements.
Forest Schools
We have been making natural shelters. We divided into teams and made lean-to, an A-frame and tepee shelters. Looks like some of us may have promising careers in forestry! We were very lucky with the weather yet again this week: lots of rain forecast but we just got slightly damp (and very muddy!).
Forest Schools
 We have had a great time in Forest Schools (despite the weather!), making shelters to keep the rain off, and also making harvest garlands to feed the local wildlife. 

17.5.19                              Our School Prayer - A daily encouragement to embody our values. 

We have been reflecting upon our school values of courage, respect, compassion, and resilience and we have written our new school prayer to power these values in our daily worship.
First, we thought about what each value means to us as children at Redbrook C of E Primary School and, as a class, build our prayer together from there.

We encourage the children to live by these values all of the time, even when nobody is watching! Please let us know if you notice your children embodying these values out of school as we will acknowledge, celebrate and reward this in school.

Outdoor Maths! 
In maths, Kingfisher Class have been learning about finding the perimeter of different shapes. After our Daily Mile, we couldn't resist calculating the perimeter of our netball court in order to calculate how many times we would need to lap it to achieve certain distances. In teams, we measured the width and length before calculating - we even squeezed in some rounding and finding averages work! 
When Did Music Begin?
Kingfisher Class have been looking at when music originated.  We learned that thousands of years ago, primitive people used it in much the same way as we do now: to communicate, to pass time, to express emotion or to mark a special occasion. Considering that they didn't have complex and sophisticated instruments like we do today, we used our bodies and resources from our natural enviroment to experience how music could have been performed. 
5.4.19                                                                            All About Islam Morning
This morning, Miss Bhaiyat led some enriching sessions about the religion and culture of Islam.The children got fully involved by dressing as muslin children; discussing the reasoning behind the dress customs of Islam; learning all about Muslim prayer including how it is done, when it is done and the preparation needed for it and they also learned how to write their names in Arabic! 
Everyone was highly engaged and enthused - a big thank you to Miss Bhaiyat from us all! 
We Are Authors! 
In English, we have taken inspiration from the animation 'Alma' and have written our very own short stories with some similarities to the original story. We are so proud of our creations that we are publishing them for display outside Kingfisher Class. 
Kingfishers enjoyed their final session of Forest School today with lunch in the wood! We had a catwalk demonstration with nails, clothes and face mask.... the girls particularly enjoyed the mud jacuzzi!! There was also shelter building, hole digging, dam building, stone finding, pot making and fire starting with marshmallows. I hope the children have enjoyed the sessions. Mrs Morse
Percussion Workshop
Kingfisher Class found their rhythm when taking part in a music workshop led by professional percussionist Jonathan Helm! Jonathan plays percussion for the Welsh National Orchestra and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and has toured all over the world doing what he loves best...drumming! 
Together, we explored the use and variety of the instruments and learned how to create different tempos, volumes to create different sound effects. We listened to some famous pieces of music (Bach and the Pirates of the Caribbean theme) and discussed how different uses of instruments can generate very different effects! By the end of our session, we had created a wonderful ensemble!

21.3.19                                                           Performance Poetry! 
Kingfisher Class let their voices be heard this week when studying poetry - with a particular focus on performing it aloud! We worked really hard on our volume, tone and expression to portray Maya Angelou's poignant message in 'Life Doesn't Frighten Me.' The whole class got stuck in and a lot of fun was had along the way. Here is an example of some Year 3 and 4s  performing the poem. 

Forest Schools


Kingfishers had a brilliant Forest School this week. Children enjoyed two different scavenger hunts, reed weaving and hole digging. Lots of persevering and determination paid off.

Equally, on exploring the site, Timmy the Toad was of great interest, children had a good debate about whether he was alive or dead! On discovering their answer they gave him a great send off.

Mrs Morse

World Book Day
To celebrate World Book Day, Kingfisher Class left the classroom as we knew it behind and set up camp next to our campfire. We shared and listened to stories and got lost in may different worlds of imagination.
The children look fabulous dressed as their favourite characters!
*Health and safety note: no actual fire was lit and that wasn’t Mrs Le Templier sitting on a table. It was the cheeky, rule-breaking Cat in the Hat!
Engineering Our Way to Play
Today our engineers took on the challenge of making their own games when we did our engineering workshop at Renishaw Education Centre. We learned all about design, safety when working with tools and different materials. We had a brilliant time! 
We Are Authors! 
It was no secret in Kingfishers yesterday about how blown away I was with the quality and precision of the children's writing. Inspired by our new book 'Tin', we explored the character of Absalom and wrote some brilliant character descriptions.Every single child inferred his character wonderfully by describing his actions rather than simple stating his physical and character attributes. Here are a few samples of the their writing from across all year groups. Well done Kingfishers - you have all done such a fantastic job! 
Kingfisher Class stretched and relaxed their way to well-being as they took part in their first yoga and meditation PE session. It was a huge success and the children were all reporting how calm, relaxed and sleepy they felt as we drifted back into the classroom. What a lovely way to end a busy week! 
What Can I Control? 
During World Children's Mental Health Week, Kingfisher Class discussed what we can and cannot control in our lives. Rich discussion was had around the topic of what we can control - and hence what we have a responsibility for - and also what we unable to control, although we can often have an influence on it. 
We created 'circles of control' using hoops, where inside the circle represents what we can control, and outside is what we can't. We then conducted discussions in groups about if we can control certain actions or not, adding sticky notes in the relevant places. It was such a lively topic of conversation that we decided to create an interactive school display that we can refer to any time should we need to. 
Ground control to Major Tom!
Kingfisher Class became musicians as they listened to David Bowie's 'Space Oddity'. We discussed his clever use of tempo, volume and instrument choice to create the atmosphere of a rocket launch and then a lost shuttle later on the song. Inspired by this, we recreated our own instrumental interpretations of a rocket launch in groups. A lot of fun was had!